We recieved the sweetest phone call from a lovely woman who had taken her grandchildren out with us years ago. She was in the process of creating a scrapbook for her now grown teenaged grandchildren and wanted to share with us the precious memories from their experience! It was such a heartwarming conversation to hear her recount the joy they had aboard with us. Thank you for the trip down memory lane!

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Bangor Daily News Article

Looking for a little history about Robertson Sea Tours?

Check out this article:

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Check us out on HGTV in January!

We were contacted by HGTV to assist them get access to a local island. See the episode when it airs January 26, 2014.

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Getting ready for the 2013 season

Ah, I have been neglectful in posting over the winter. The winter was long, long, long and very cold. You may not know that I am a commercial diver (I dive for urchins that get sold in the overseas market). This can be grueling work, as you can well imagine. Now that we have finally thawed out here in Harrington, I have converted the boat from a working vessel back to a touring vessel. We are working hard to make sure that the Kandi Leigh is in tip top shape for the tours we have set for Mother’s Day weekend. Let’s hope Mother Nature cooperates, looks like we may be in for some rain. We are grateful to have another season ahead of us and hope that you join us aboard the Kandi Leigh.

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maine lobster, lobster cookouts, island hoppingHow we love to cook lobsters for passengers on Flint Island! Thank you to an amazing group…what an adventure we had!

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Family Time

Family adventuresAh, The Robertson Clan enjoying time on the water together! What an amazing summer so far! The boys are growing up right before our eyes and have developed a true love and respect for the ocean. We are very fortunate!

We are planning a Lobster Bake on Flint Island soon. Have you thought to have your family out with us on a end of summer adventure?

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maine humpbacks, whale breeches, maine whale watching tours,

A breech!

This is NO JOKE! Captain Parker, aboard the Elisabeth Rose today, was out with family and friends. Captain Parker runs whale watches with us. He saw TWO HUMPBACK whales BREACH side by side! Can you imagine? He had never seen that in all his years on the ocean. I have never seen a breech myself..this is the Captain’s Wife posting…(a breech is when the whale literally launches itself straight up into the air and crashes back down into the ocean.)  I have not seen any photos from today, but the above photo is from a whale watch with us awhile ago. Whales a-plenty out there now!


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Homemade Organic Blueberry Pie

Organic Blueberry Pies that just came out of the oven for the Flint Island Lobster Bake tomorrow. The blueberries are from Intervale Farm in Cherryfield, a certified organic, family run, blueberry farm. Check them out at We love to use their berries for pies that passengers often get to enjoy during our treasured lobster bake cruise.

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Maine Wildlife

maine wildlife, sealsHello all! What an incredible stretch of weather we have had! The wildlife has been abundant (including the whales!) and we have had happy passengers. We are grateful for so much wonderful publicity this spring and summer. Keep a look out for an article with us featured in the Bangor Metro magazine coming out soon!

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Bangor Daily News Article

Check out this AMAZING article that was published in the local newspaper!

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