Whale Watch Cruise

Book Your CruiseJoin us aboard the 33′ Elisabeth Rose with Captain Jim Parker or, with Captain Robertson aboard our new vessel, the 28′ Kandi Leigh. Unlike the big whale watch boats, we offer a 6 person maximum trip so you won’t be packed on with hundreds of other passengers. This enables our passengers to have the comfort and freedom of a more personalized cruise with Captain Parker or Captain Robertson. You may view Humpback, Finback and Minke whales closer than you ever imagined. Also during the trip we will usually run to Petit Manan Island where Maine’s second tallest Lighthouse (Petit Manan Light) is in function. You might also be able to view Puffins, Sea Ducks, Terns and other nesting seabirds at this Wildlife Refuge.

  • Whale Watch is 4-5 hours, advanced reservation required.
  • 6 person maximum
  • $95 adult, $75 children under 12
  • $360 boat minimum for whale watch to go out.

Whale Behaviors

Downeast Maine Whale Watching CruiseA breach or a lunge is a leap out of the water also known as cresting. The distinction between the two is fairly arbitrary. Qualitatively, a breach is a genuine jump with an intent to clear the water, whereas a lunge is the result of a fast upward sloping swim, perhaps as a result of feeding, that has caused the whale to clear the surface of the water unintentionally.

Downeast Maine Whale Watching CruiseWhen Spyhopping, the whale rises and holds position partially out of the water, often exposing its entire rostrum and head, and is visually akin to a human treading water. Spyhopping is controlled and slow, and can last for minutes at a time if the whale is sufficiently inquisitive. Spyhopping often occurs during a “mugging” situation, where the focus of a whale’s attention is on a boat rather than on other nearby whales.

Downeast Maine Whale Watching CruiseLobtailing is the act of a whale or dolphin lifting its flukes out of the water and then bringing them down onto the surface of the water hard and fast in order to make a loud slap. (Information obtained from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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