Puffins & Seabird Cruise

Atlantic Puffin Cruise Downeast Maine

Petit Manan

The Lighthouse, Atlantic Puffin Paradise









Bird watchers may enjoy a cruise to Petit Manan Island a national wildlife refuge and home to Petit Manan Lighthouse. For more than a century Petit Manan light has ensured the safe travel for passing vessels. The lighthouse now provides a safe sanctuary for hundreds of seabirds including our favorite Atlantic Puffin during the months of mid-May through mid-August. Other birds that can be seen on the island are Common, Artic, and endangered Roseate Terns; Razorbills; Black Guillemots; Common Eiders; Leach’s Storm-petrel; and of course Laughing, Herring, & Black-back Gulls. Lobster traps will be hauled.

  • Book Your CruiseCruise time is approx 3 hours
  • $70 adult, $55 children under 12
  • $200 boat minimum for the cruise to go out.


Atlantic Puffin

Flying Puffin

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