Island Lobster Bake Cruise

lobster blueberry pieThis tour begins like any other as you board the “Kandi Leigh” from the Milbridge Marina. We tour along to an island of our choice while enjoying all the sights along the way. Once we arrive to the island, we transfer all passengers into a little skiff/boat to then motor to the island to then off load. Passengers are then able to explore the island while we set up for the Lobster Bake. The meal is subject to change based on availabilty of items. Typically the meal includes Lobster, corn on the cob, a salad of some kind, and a dessert. The Captain’s wife is quite known (insert brag here) for a homemade organic Blueberry pie, however, time does not always allow for such. Please inquire about options, preferences, and any allergies that you may have.

Note: This tour may not be suitable for some passengers due to physical demands. Please talk with us about how and/or if we can make accomodations to meet your needs.

  • ¬†Cruise time is 3-4 hours
  • $100 adults, $85 children 12 and under


Downeast Maine Lobster Bake CruiseDSCN7246Downeast Maine Lobster Bake Cruise

3 Responses to Island Lobster Bake Cruise

  1. Meredith says:

    What does and times are the lobster fishing cruise and the lobster bake cruise please?

  2. shan wall says:

    Looking to do lobster and clam fishing followed by a lobster bake if possible.

    • The Captain's Wife says:

      Hi there! Sorry for the delay in response, tech issues. We would love to have you check out our online schedule by the end of this week, at You can search dates available for Lobster fishing, ie, the Maine Cruise or a Lobster Bake for the tour and meal. If you have any questions, please call and we would gladly help.