About Robertson Sea Tours

Captain Robertson was born and raised in Downeast Maine. He grew up on the Maine waters and has acquired significant knowledge base regarding island history. His father, Dr. Donald Robertson, and mother, Mary Robertson, originated from Canada and moved to Maine to raise a family. Captain Robertson loved spending time on his family’s boat, The Mairi D, when he was a kid, where is his love for the ocean began.

Captain Robertson had long dreamed of starting his own tour business. He has been an avid outdoorsman his entire life and has deep respect for wildlife. He is a commercial fisherman as well. For him, that involves climbing into a dry suit on the most bitter of Maine’s winter mornings, and diving into the Atlantic Ocean in search of sea urchins or scallops. Sea urchins are sold to an Eastern Market as a delicacy.

Introducing, one of three Robertson children! This is McKade, age 6 1/2 and Brody, age 4 1/2. They LOVE being on the boat with their Daddy. They are likely to join a cruise or two!

boys on boat

Jesse, age 19, resides in Oregon and will be coming to  Maine for part of the summer.

The Captain and I have been married since 2000 and reside in Harrington, Maine. I am an LCSW, Mental Health Therapist and practice at the Harrington Family Health Center. We are delighted to share our adventures with you!


6 Responses to About Robertson Sea Tours

  1. Jean Spitzer says:

    We are coming to the east coast for a family wedding anniversary. We are interested in seeing the Puffins as this is where they can be seen during the breeding season & raising the chicks. We bird all over IL, CA, FL, AL, KA, + in Ecuador/Trinidad/Tobago, etc. We are staying in Gloucester for the event 6/18-23. We are interested in coastal birding before 6/18, the dates have yet to be figured out. I’ll look on your website for boat tours to see the Puffins. From the video they can be seen in the water as well. We plan on bringing a scope for long distance viewing.
    Thank you, Jean Spitzer

    • The Captain's Wife says:

      We are so sorry for the delay, tech issues. Please accept our apology. We will have our schedule online by the end of this week, http://www.robertsonseatours.com
      If you do not see what you are looking for please call us and we will do what we can to accomodate. Best from Downeast Maine!

  2. Mary Ellen Miller says:

    We will be staying in Southwest Harbor beginning June 13th thru July 2nd. We are very interested in 1 whale watching trip. There are 4 adults. Is there a particular day you would recommend taking the tour?
    How far from Southwest Harbor are you?

  3. Nicole says:

    Do you have tours for more than 6 people? We will have 8 people-4 adults and 4 children and are interested in a tour……Thank you

    • The Captain's Wife says:

      Hi there. We can utilize two boats, 6 people on each boat. We often have larger families and we figure a way to divide up and travel the tour along the same route. Call us at 1 207 461 7439 to talk details and reserve your adventure!